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All Irish Law Firms are committed to providing outstanding legal services with a workplace environment rich in perspectives, backgrounds and cultures. Diversity strengthens their Firm, making it more effective in competing in an international marketplace and representing their multinational client base.
Most Law Firm’s policy of inclusion does not stop at the doors to their offices. A key mandate of their Diversity policy is to support the institutions and communities from which they recruit their talent. They seek to work with agencies that assist individuals facing socio-economic barriers to professional or other employment, including people who are new to Ireland.
Most Irish Law Firm’s sponsor or has been involved in numerous community initiatives and programs in support of diversity not only in Dublin but across Ireland.
Please note they do not handle anything in the personal injury claims work area in Ireland.
Most Irish Law Firms strongly believe in treating all of their employees with dignity and respect. It is their policy to employ people with the very highest qualifications, regardless of gender, culture, nationality, ethnic origin, race, colour, creed, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, family status or disability. They pride themselves in providing equal opportunity to all legal professionals and administrative staff with absolute respect to compensation, promotion, transfers and conditions of employment.

We provide a car accident claims service now in house for those who are in need.Any road accident will be considered by this department going forward from today.


Their policy and culture are major factors that help them to attract the best and brightest creative thinkers to their firm.
By Creating and maintaining a work environment which enables them to attract, retain and advance the brightest, most talented and committed people is a critical element to deliver the highest standards of legal and professional excellence and client service. Diversity ensures that they are truly connected to the needs of the clients and community they serve and contribute more value added ideas from their diversified environment. Diversity is a core value for them that binds all of their people and inspires them all too continuously improve who they are as an organisation and an Irish Law Firm.

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